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Our mission is to create new opportunities for conservation and environmental research in New England through the use of trained scent detection dogs for low-impact data collection and conservation practices.

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Our canine partners don't just work alongside us, they live alongside us. When they're not in the field, their days are filled with training, physical conditioning, rest, play, companionship, and everything else they need.

We pride ourselves on our dog training program. We use modern, reward-based training methods, and are frequently adapting our program to reflect emerging training and behavior science. The result? Accurate, hard-working dogs that truly love their jobs.

Lindsay Ware, M.S., CPDT-KA

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Lindsay has partnered with dogs for conservation purposes since 2011, when she began training dogs to find mortally wounded large game animals for hunters. Since 2013, she has worked as a professional dog trainer, specializing in science-based training techniques, with a special interest in helping people form better training relationships with their dogs.    

Passionate about wildlife and conservation from a young age, Lindsay earned her B.S. in Wildlife Biology from Unity College, and her M.S. in Biology from the University of Western Ontario. She spent many years traveling the U.S. and Canada working as a wildlife research technician for several government and non-profit agencies. She has also held project management, research & development, and leadership roles in the biomedical field.

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