What We Do

We supply dog/handler scent detection teams to conservation and research organizations, such as government agencies, private organizations, and educational institutions.

Our dogs are trained in scent detection and physically primed for field work. Upon project initiation, we will imprint a dog on your target scent and make preparations to either work alongside you in the field, or independently collect data following your survey design.

We provide:

  • Preliminary dog training for target odor imprinting

  • One trained detection dog, accompanied by one trained handler 

  • Transportation of dog and handler to study site

Each project is highly customized and can last from one week to several months, or even across multiple field seasons. To discuss a potential project, please contact us

Our Science Dogs can be Prepared to Detect:

  • Animal Carcasses

  • Animal Scat

  • Live Animals

  • Plants

  • Ground Nests

  • Egg Masses

Why use dogs for biological field work?  


Conservation detection dogs have been repeatedly shown to:

  • Increase sample size

  • Cover large study areas more efficiently than humans alone

  • Find small, elusive, or cryptic targets

  • Instantly identify targets that are difficult to distinguish between similar species or samples

  • Have low ecological impact on study areas