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Maine Science Festival

5-Minute Genius 


May 2024
best dog.png

The Best Dog by Aliza Eliazarov

Featuring Science Dogs Delta and Aldo 


October 2023
November 2023

Maine Calling

Turtles in Maine


September 2023
WIldlife pro.png

The Wildlife Professional

"Canine Conservationists"


March/April 2023
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Sebasticook Regional Land Trust Speaker Series

Dogs with Jobs: Canine Partners in Conservation


February 2023

Nothern Woodlands: Community Voices

"Learning About Conservation Dogs with Lindsay Ware"


November 2022

Natural Areas Conference

Conservation Detection Dogs: Collaborating for Optimal Success

September 2022

K9 Conservationists Podcast

Roundtable: How Did You Select Your Conservation Detection Dog?

August 2022
roundtable 1.png

K9 Conservationists Podcast

Roundtable: How Did You Get into the World of Conservation Detection?

August 2022
wild maine.png
September 2022
maine science podcast.png
April 2022

K9 Conservationists Podcast

Unusual Sniffer Dogs and Blood Tracking with Lindsay Ware

April 2022

Hunting ME Documentary

"Last Track: Finding Closure Through Dog Tracking"

April 2022

The Northeast Natural History Conference

Wood Turtle Detection Dogs:

A Collaborative Approach

April 2022

The Maine Science Festival 

Science Goes to the Dogs

March 2022

The Wildlife Professional

"Dogs help researchers sniff out vulnerable reptiles"

Jan/Feb 2021
September 2020

SDNE Visits Unity College

Science Dog Delta Demonstrates for Conservation Biology Students

March 2020
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